Hi i'm Stratos!

A highly motivated Game developer from Greece working in the industry since 2015. 


Some things you should know!

I have been making games for as long as i can remember, what started out as a hobby and imaginary adventure ended up being a daily part of my life. For me video games are a way out of the mundane everyday life thus creating them is a dream come true.

My skillset

I'm adept in using Unity as well as GameMakerStudio 2 in terms of game engines, apart from those i also do digital asset manipulation and some sound design. In depth now i am familiar with Google Firebase , In app purchases  and ads integration. when it comes to Mobile games but i'm also available for consoles and desktop!

Some of my services Include :


You will tell me what you need and i will build it! Complete with purchases ads , monitoring you will game a game that runs itself!


I will oversee and help in deploying the game in either Android / IOS market as well as help you setup everything.


I offer 2 free revisions of the final product so it will be just as you expected it.


Have some assets that need to be fitted in the game? Don't have any and need creating or offered? we can make things work!

GameDev Document

Have an idea but don't know where to start? Together we can fill out a detailed game dev document that will boos up the game and make things clear.


Keeping a daily git repository for your project so we can always stay calm and safe.







Some of my recent games!

Focus Point
Image sorting puzzle game for Android.
GO! Duck Hunt
Promotional game for a Swedish e shop! Online leader-board and subscription form.

"It does register you to a mailing list on accepting the terms check button!"
Saru General
Promotional game for an UK based e shop with Online leader-board support.

You can also check out my personal Itch.io web-page which contains a few game jams and personal projects!

Frequently asked questions

I do offer some templates on games like an endless 2D runner , Jumper or a target shooting game but overall if you have an idea and don't know where to begin do reach out!We can talk and get to know your idea and together bring it to completion.

None! all i need is an idea and by completing the game dev document i provide i will be able to tell you both cost and time to completion. Me myself do not do art from scratch but i can offer artwork cost included or make some pixel art for you if that's your thing!

I tend to keep either daily or every other day message communication with all my active clients and i can also do zoom/google meet etc for you to be at ease! Every step of the production is reviewed by you and unless its something you like i will be happy to adjust /scrap/remake it!

On our contracts end you will get both source code as well all assets used in the development and i will help you out by publishing it in case its for mobile as well as be available for any revisions / updates ! 

Hire me or ask a question!

You can also find me on Upwork!